Dating now ep2

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The real star of the episode, though, is Stan, whose relationship with Paige reminds us he’s a pretty perceptive guy even if he’s socially awkward.Between Oleg and his new girlfriend Renée — who’s young and beautiful and likes beer and sports and, apparently, Stan Beeman — I worry Stan is headed for a fall.made its first arrest in the murder of Jason Blossom, and yes, the suspect is the person nearly everyone has been suspicious of from the beginning.

So much of Philip and Elizabeth’s worry about Paige’s relationship with Matthew obviously transcends the typical “teen daughter starts dating” concerns that many parents have.Petsch confirms that feelings of incest aren't completely unfounded between the siblings."On the set, we call it twincest," Petsch tells "We do play on that just a hair.Libby Nelson: I’m glad you brought up the greenhouse scene, Caroline, because I want, for a moment, to consider the bugs.They are, I think, part of what Gabriel fears is a plan to sabotage the USSR’s food supply, carried out in part by Soviet émigré Alexei Morozov — and to me, the agriculture plot was the weakest link in the episode.

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